Partnering in Dance

A collaborative project worked with Brandon Whited.

Prototype: Visualization of the key points in dance partnering


The aspects of leading, spacing, lifting

Simplifying the work using line, color, hue, opacity and so forth.

This project is a series of informative visual reflections on pedagogical dance partnering. By focusing on lifting, time, distance between partners and focusing on the traces dancers leave behind, I simplified data using line, color, geometric shapes, body proportions, hue, opacity and so forth. Brandon captured partnering videos on Motion Capture Lab in order to reflect the crucial techniques of partnering such as the balance, body weight, lifting and direction. He clarified his expectations from me, created an idea board in order to understand his visual style expectations and explained the technical aspects of partnering. The partners visualized in a simplistic way with a linear style using primary colors for forms and secondary colors to highlight their interactions. The interactions are made in order to support the body weight and balance. By using arrows and highlighting techniques, I aimed to express the intent in a simple and understandable way.


Image 1. A shot from Brandon’s Motion Capture project


Image 2. Vizualizations based on MoCap Data

Dance & Design Similarities:

Key Points Observed on Dance:

• Body center of balance

• Distance between partners.

• Positioning of bodies

• Key points to support maintain the balance

On Design:

• Balance on surface. (Color, contrast, line)

• Exploring the visualization possibilities

• Hierarchic organization

• Simplification to communicate information

ProcessSketches.jpgImage 3. First sketches to emphasize the movement patterns



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